Urgent Information for Mobile Home Park Survivors of the Camp Fire and Woolsey Fires

Urgent Information for Mobile Home Park Survivors of the Camp Fire and Woolsey Fires

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — December 2018 –


With 33 mobile home parks in the Paradise area burned down, there are hundreds of displaced survivors. The Woolsey fire also left many mobile home owners homeless. The Golden State Manufactured Home Owners League (GSMOL) has determined that it is important these survivors know:

• They are entitled to reimbursement of their space rent for the month of November (minus the first 8 days) from their park owners.

• FEMA can provide funds to help buy another mobile home. Owners MUST REGISTER with FEMA by calling 800-621-3362

• FEMA will provide funds for essential household furnishings lost in the fire

• FEMA will provide emergency shelter at hotels registered on their list for up to 14 days, and in extraordinary situations, up to 18 months

• If park owners decide to convert the park, they must provide survivors with compensation to assist in relocation.

• GSMOL members may apply for up to $200 from the Disaster Relief Fund (contact me for guidelines and an application or, MAKE A DONATION to the fund at https://www.gsmol.org/supporting-gsmol/ )

GSMOL encourages all those living in mobile home parks to prepare their parks for an emergency by ensuring the following:

• The park owner has an emergency exit plan for their park on file with the California Department of Housing and Community Services (HCD) and that is posted in common areas for all residents to see (mandated by Health & Safety regulation)

• Make sure that all emergency exits are unobstructed at all times

• Develop an emergency action plan for your park (GSMOL can provide guidelines for an effective plan)

• Make sure all residents are aware of the plan

• Submit a list of disabled residents that may need assistance in the event of an emergency to your local fire authority

• Maintain a fire-proof container that includes all important documents that can be carried out (moved) during an emergency

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