The resident group at Ojai Valley Estates, Ojai, CA is pleased to announce that they have successfully defended their rent control status from a Discretionary Rent Increase Application by their park owner.

The park owner requested that the Mobile Home Park Rent Review Board of Ventura County approve a discretionary rent increase of $588.83 per site per month for the 89 spaces in the park. The owner’s position was basically that they were entitled to more money than the rent control ordinance provided, based upon a new, alternative method for computing net operating income.

Ventura County staff (Charmaine Buehner, County Counsel, Denice Thomas, Planning Manager, Franca Rosengren, Staff Administrator and Owen Deutsch, Case Planner) were assisted by expert witnesses, Dr. Kenneth Baar & Duane Bell, CPA. The resident group was represented by attorney Bruce E. Stanton, assisted by expert witness, Deane F. Sargent. The owner had five expert witnesses.

After eight (8) hours of spirited, albeit conflicting, analysis, the Rent Review Board voted to accept the eight Staff recommendations to deny the owner everything.

Attorney Stanton stated, “Thanks to the excellent analysis of County staff, and the determined organizing by the park residents, homeowners of Ojai Valley Estates were able to defeat a $589.00 rent increase in its entirely that really had no business being made in the first place. Despite the best arguments of the park owner, the Rent Review Board rejected their novel theories of relief and found that a rent increase of $0 (zero) was warranted.”

For additional information, contact Deane Sargent (415-271-3919) (deane.f.sargent@gmail.com)

Deane Sargent and PMC Financial Services have been helping mobile home park resident groups and cooperatives to organize and find financing to buy their parks for over 20 years.

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