2020 is over! Time to buy your MH Park!

2020 is over! Time to buy your MH Park!

Hey gang,

2020 is over! It is a New Year and time to buy your mobile home park.

Ya, I know. You tried last year and got no response. Or, maybe you didn’t try because getting folks together in the park was too difficult. Or, whatever.

But New Years bring NEW OPPORTUNITIES.

Why? Because circumstances change.

Park Owners maybe start to think about retirement. Or they die. Or they get a divorce. Or their plans change. Whatever.

If Park Owners are not CONSTANTLY reminded that your group wants to buy the park, the Park might be sold to some investor schlub and you will miss out.

So what do you do?

  1. GET A COMMITTEE (PARK PURCHASE COMMITTEE-PPC). Or re-energize the old PPC. If you can’t get 5-10 of your neighbors to work on buying the park, you should, maybe, forget about it and go watch day-time television. Don’t use the HOA – the PPC must be focused on buying the park, not on HOA issues.


  2. CONTACT YOUR PARK OWNER. Or recontact him if you have tried in the past. If you want to know how to contact your park owner, call me. Don’t rely on the park manager or management company. They know that, if you are successful, they are on the chopping block, so they are NOT your friend.


  3. IF YOU WANT TO, YOU CAN GIVE ME A CALL TO DISCUSS YOUR DEAL. You don’t have to call me (it’s free) but locate someone knowledgeable to get a handle of the realities of your task. A good source is the Golden State Mobilehome Owners League (GSMOL.org) or other websites that can provide free information or folks to contact.



Good luck, stay positive.


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